Miloslav Nevrlý: Carpathian Games

Významná kniha Miloslava Nevrlého vyšla pro zájemce zdarma v anglickém překladu.

Important book Carpathian Games by Miloslav Nevrlý was published in the English translation. Everyone can read it for free.

Miloslav Nevrlý first captivated readers with Carpathian Games in 1982. Since then, the book has been published in Czech eight times and once in Romanian. Benjamin Lovett translated the masterpiece to English in 2020.

Though not broadly known outside the Czech Republic, Carpathian Games has become a classic of travel writing in its own right. Our aim at is to bring the book to audiences beyond the borders of fatherland and mother tongue that they, too, may be touched by it.

There are many ways to enjoy Carpathian Games – in depth chapter by chapter, quickly leafed through in no particular order or downloaded for free and read amidst towering Carpathian peaks.

Read more about the author and the project – this English edition of the Carpathian Games was published thanks to the enthusiasm of more than 300 donors and few volunteers.


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